Washi Tape Set 16 Rolls of Decorative Tape for Bullet Journal

Decorate your pages with washi tape – add color and or use as divider in your journal.

I hope that you found some great bullet journal gifts ideas. As you can see there are plenty of gift ideas for that bullet journal person in your life. If you need more ideas head over to Pinterest for a variety of gift ideas. If you are into journaling leave my a comment and let me know your favorite layout and or design. Do you use your journal for daily, weekly spread or monthly things or for a budget? If you want to know how to start a bullet journal let me know.ย  Any inspiration or layout ideas you would like to see? Let know. No matter what gift idea you choose I hope that you found something truly amazing and the person receiving the gift truly loves it. Until next time have an amazing day! XOXO

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